Update #1

Only just started to work on this game, but an important factor will be community aspects of it, so there is already a forum available on this page and I will update with latest developments. The game will be written in C++ .

Stellar Infection is a Space based Sandboxed MMO consisting of 7 bases (to start with) base 0 will be for poor people, and highly infectious people carrying the diseases, resources are low and relationships have to be built with other bases to survive, travel to the bases is extremely challenging, you only usually get a transfer to another based after much time and effort in the game, e.g. avoiding the virus, creating a temp cure for the virus (until another player evolves the virus again) the virus can be created from any of the bases, except for base 7, in base 7 the rich have special skin shield / cover which makes any infection to them impossible. Earth no longer exists, all of humanity which remains exists in this grid of space bases / stations, they are close to each other, in reality 100 miles apart or something like that in the game probably only a couple of feet / in a different section of the game code / environment.

Each player gets there own apartment as a safe space. Most likely other players can access with other players permission as I am using this as the test bed for the MMO code to keep it small and simple at first.

Scientists can choose to sell the cure, give it away for free, make it gradual or instant, thus if it was gradual for example they could keep making the player work for them, e.g. gathering other resources to create new chemicals, or even illicit drugs, kill other players etc... by it being gradual the player would have to keep coming back for weekly or daily injections.

I am hoping for a cyber punk theme, I am yet to find any artist to help with the game. If you are interested in getting involved drop me an email at: jamie.cropley@gmail.com

I ideally want this game to be free, as in no charge to play, no pay to win, no in game purchases etc... this might prove difficult with server costs but that is something I will be looking into much further down the line.

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